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Monster Day 2.0

After the success of Monster day in 2022 our boy Gaven invited us back again in 2023. On Jan. 27th 10 Monsters brought 8 Motorcycles into the gymnasium at Paschal Elementary School for a little talk about DMD and kids who have to use a wheel chair.  The day was a great success and the school along with their principal were nothing short of amazing.  It was a great day!

One Gaven nor his Monsters will ever forget. 

Wrong-way, Cat, Hop, Gav, Honor, Frosty, Mrs. Miller, David, Riot, Hyde and Twister. (Go Home Ken)not pictured


Alfie's Monster Day- Monsters Go International! SEPTEMBER 2022


Riot, Cat, Alfie, Twister, Amy, Amy, Big Daddy, Colleen, Hopper & Jamie.

On September 21st 2022 we headed to Northern Ireland to Help Alfie Live His Best Life.  

Together Riot, Hopper, Twister and Big Daddy did a presentation at both the Community center where Alfie hangs out at and at his school where 500 kids got to learn about Monsters.  What we did was educate the other kids about Duchenne and Kids who may not be quite like everyone else.  Basically an anti Bullying program designed around DMD and its special twist on life.  Its just another way of helping these kids Live their best life.  What made this presentation so great is it is the 1st time we had traveled outside the United States to help a HERO. This event also fell on Alfie's Birthday! While there we decided to ride for Alfie in 2023! Going around the British Isles for him.

 On behalf of Alfie, The Pentony Family & Mile Monsters Inc. WE THANK YOU!

Hoka Hey 2022



10,000 Miles of Back Roads in 10-14 Days

At 6:00 am on June 26th 2022 The worlds Toughest Motorcycle Challenge began!  Among the 200 competitors the Mile Monsters will have 19 Monster Riders riding to raise money to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.   Our Goal was simple.  Ride and raise Both money and awareness in the fight against DMD. 
We rode and laid it on the line so the kids can LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE!
In the end we all learned a little something about ourselves and about the boys we ride 4.  Three families were at the finish line to welcome in riders and meet the Monsters who ride for them.  Having Gaven, Turbo and Drew there was the Highlight of our journey.  We had accidents, break downs, Bodies that were beat up and broken and some incredibly hard days.  Despite this almost all of the Monsters made it to the finish line to meet the boys.  We also had the Top finishing Lady rider Twister out of Texas riding for us.  A great event for all involved.

I SPY 2022

IMG_9780 2.HEIC

Seeing sites Kids wanted to see!

On March 27th 2022 Riot set out to see sites from Coast to Coast. The sites were picked by a group of kids we call world Heroes that come to America to receive treatments.  These were places that some only dream of seeing and included Disney, Nashville, Blythe Ferry, Georgia where they film the walking dead, San Diego Zoo, Sylvester Stallone's House, The Golden Gate Bridge, Inspiration Mountain, Death Valley, Area 51, Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Folsom Prison, Bonneville Salt Flats, Clinton Iowa, Niagara Falls, Madison Square garden, The Killing Fields, Joel Olsteen's church, World Trade, Ryan Benton and of course Turbo and Gaven's house!
Upon completion of this 10,000 Mile ride in 12 Days we got with the Boys and gave them souvenirs of the sites. We also Raised over $10,000 dollars and the much needed awareness needed to this deadly disease.  Thank you for the support!





On January 28th 2022 Mile Monsters Inc. did a presentation at Gaven's school. 5 Monsters rode their Harley's into the gymnasium and talked with every grade at the school.  We talked about Duchenne and explained to the kids what Muscular Dystrophy is.  We did a little presentation to demonstrate the effects it has on the body.  In the end over 700 kids understood what Gaven has to endure.  This has made Gav a little bit of a celebrity and accomplished our goal. Help kids LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE!
A special Thanks to Gaven, The Quirarte family, Mrs. Miller, Hopper, Big Daddy, Twister, Go Home Ken, Riot and especially all the kids and staff at Paschal Elementary for recognizing the value and being part of this incredible day.

Hopper's 100,000 Mile ride in 100 Days!


Raising $100,000 for Charity

Chris Hopper set out to ride 100,000 Miles and raise $100,000.  
Both of which many people said could not be done. Hop Proved the world wrong and changed the lives of kids in need along the way.  This was a ride like none other. Not just a blast around the country for 100 days. Hop saw sites and promoted Mile Monsters Inc. and was an ambassador in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  
Because of this ride and the support of so many we were able to help families with some essentials and fund the much needed research. To everyone involved with this ride we thank you! - Riot-

Memorial Monster 2021

IMG_0720 2.PNG

Coney Island to The Golden Gate Bridge

Riot and Fellow Monster Blindside set out on May 31st at 3 am to ride from Coney Island NY to the Golden Gate Bridge in California. The goal was to do this in 48 hours.  Despite some engine trouble, Hot temps and getting pulled over we did manage to make the journey in 46 Hours and 46 Minutes! To top off this incredible ride we also raised over $10,000 to help our Heroes.

Coast to Coast 2020


Akicita Rides-16,000+ miles

At Mile Monsters Inc., we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts and raising the bar. After being awarded Akicita following the 2020 Hoka Hey Challenge, (this award was for being the top fundraiser) We set out to show Akicita the country. In just 6 weeks we hit 40 states! On the Coast to Coast ride we also hit the Great Lakes and both the Canadian and Mexican Borders. 
During this ride Riot showcased a new HERO every day.  It was this ride that we met Gaven on! Since then he has quickly become a household name.

Race Against Time 2019


48 States in 8 Days- 8,463 Miles

Mile Monster Inc's very own -RIOT- Completed in a 48 State endurance Race Against Time. It was completed in 7 Days 17 Hours 45 Minutes. This Race is designed to be done in 10 Days but to push all limits we set out to do it in 8 days to help raise awareness in our fight.  Again Riot had to endure the weather and sleeping next to his motorcycle.  We refer to this as Hoka Hey Style. Riders have to find a place to sleep that is Available, Dry and Safe. This adds tremendous pressure to the riders who compete.

Hoka Hey Challenge 2018 & 2020


 10,000+ Miles, No GPS, Paper Maps

Mile Monsters Inc. had one rider compete in 2018.  Jeff Wyatt(Riot) placed 5th out of 125 riders. 2020 we had 4 Monsters Compete in the Challenge. Riot tied for 4th Place with Hopper from TX, Jeff Chauncey(2-Fingers) and his Brother Travis Chauncey(T-Bone) came in 15-16 and  Ken Brooks was the 24th finisher.

Both events Mile Monsters Inc. was the Top Fundraiser. 

The Hoka Hey Challenge is one of the toughest rides on the planet. This is a 10,000 mile endurance ride which is completed in 10-14 days by the Elite riders. The route is secondary roads and the riders must sleep next to their motorcycles(Hoka Hey style). No Hotels!

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