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Mile Monsters





Riot is a Pro Longrider with 3 Hoka Hey Finishes under his belt.

Finishing 5th in 2018, Tied for 4th in 2020 and 6th place finish in 2022!

 There have been many more Epic rides for others as well. 
The Greatest accomplishment came when he made the finish line of the 2022 Hoka Hey despite wrecking his new bike. This was important because 3 kids were coming to the finish line to celebrate!



Hop is the king of Endurance riding. He is a Pro Longrider who holds the World Record for the most Epic of rides! 
100,000 Miles in 100 Days! While he did this Epic ride he took the time to raise money for multiple Heroes!

Hop has also competed in the Hoka Hey Challenge finishing 8th in 2018 and Tied for 4th in 2020! 


Twister is a Pro Longrider and the Top Female finisher in the 2022 Hoka Hey.

Twister was the 13th overall finisher of the 2022 Hoka Hey Challenge
She is truly a Beast of the Highway and is willing to ride in any conditions. including a TWISTER!



Big Daddy Saunooke

BIG DADDY is a Pro Longrider with multiple Hoka Hey Finishes.  He is a giant of a man who helps us all be better. Don't let his shinny nice Roadglide fool you, This guy is the real deal and eats miles up year round.


Go Home Ken

One of the most renowned Endurance riders out there.

Mentor too many Monsters.

Ken holds countless certificates for endurance rides.  

Ken has also Ridden in 4 Hoka Hey Challenges. 

Including the 2018 challenge where he edged out Riot for 4th Place! 

If you want to find Ken don't bother looking in Arkansas. He's on the road somewhere. In Feb of 2023 Ken completed a year long challenge to ride his bike 100,000 miles in 12 months

Craig & Renae

Owners of Wild-Ass seat toppers and Monster Supporters of ours!  Wild Ass is the secret to how Monsters Ride for so long.  What Started as a Monster seeking the secrets of riding and using Wild-Ass has lead to a great friendship!

Hoka Hey Team!

2022 South Dakota

Front Row-Hyde, Ronimo, Gopher,T-Bone, Wrong-way

Standing-Twister,K-Wizzle,Riot,Gypsy,Sparkz,Tooley, Ken, Rambler, Ty-Kwon,Hop,KJ,& RoadRunner


This mullet sporting Monster and His beautiful bride are both incredible Monsters who have done back to back Monster days and also raised countless dollars to help our heroes


Dylan, Monster #559 & Misti, Monster #241 

These Monsters tackled 1,500 miles in under 36 hours while ripping around 4 different mountains.
Led by the Team captain and renowned host of the V-Twin Life Podcast Denver Woods

as well as Steve Weber, Frank Orlando, Michael Nielsen, Collin MacLeod, Shaun Vannett & Brad  Columbus.

Monsters over Mountains


This Mega Monster #113 earned her name after doing her 1st 1,000 mile day in under 24 hours on the 13th of October 2022. This was not a sunny hot day.  Instead up in MN it was FROSTY! 

Frosty is from MN and on Oct. 13th she set out to raise money and awareness in the fight against DMD. She successfully did her ride and even met up with our boy Gaven in TX. Congrats and welcome to the Monster Team.  You make us better. Cheers-



This is our Monster Jessica Face or as we call her... VALU!

Don't let her Tiny size fool you.  She is a Beast and can ride the tires right off of her scoot.  

To keep up with her you will need to bring your A game.  

She also has a heart of Gold and is a welcome addition to the Monster Family.  

She has completed 1,000 mile days behind bars and also helped Frosty run the Monster 100!  

For That she has earned the Honor of being a MEGA MONSTER 

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