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Long Distance Endurance Charity Riders - We Ride For HEROES

Mile Monsters Inc. is a Non Profit 501c3 which hopes to Inspire and Motivate people to join us.  We ride to make the world a better place.  Money raised goes to help children affected by disease, injuries and circumstances out of their control. The kids we help need a MONSTER in their corner to help fight the battle with them.



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Who We Are-



We are Long Distance Motorcycle endurance riders. We compete in crazy challenges and races to raise both awareness and money to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD)

DMD is a very aggressive form of MD which typically affects young boys.  

It attacks their muscle groups and will take their ability to climb stairs, run and even walk. It is our hope that by competing in seemingly impossible events we can help these kids! We just want the kids to be kids.  We work very hard to showcase these kids.

They may need some special equipment or Hero Hauling vans to get them around town.

Or they may need a new game console. It could be all they need is a Biker in their corner. 

What ever they need, we work to get.

We support both the kids and the families affected by DMD.

We do things different, Unconventional you might say. We do it the Monster Way! 

Thanks for supporting us. We appreciate you more than you will ever know.


Mountain Ridge



This one day ride will be celebrated with a family picnic in Lebanon Kansas on June 22, 2024

This is all about participating!  so what better way to celebrate that have a participation trophy. 

Our way of doing things is always epic so our Participation trophy will be as well.  

How about a brand new Harley Davidson Road Glide Limited! (color to be determined)  

Here is what you need to do to participate.  

1- Hit the link and sign up!  Then Join the Fundraising team and raise 300 bucks!

Now you are officially participating! 

Thats good for one ticket.  Thats it. you could win already.  Here are ways to get more tickets.

-Ride 1,000 miles on Friday June 21st(at least one mile has to be on the 21st) in under 24 hours.

-Show up in Lebanon KS for the Family picnic and get a pic at the center of the USA monument,

do this by noon on June 22nd for another ticket

-For Every 1K you fund  raise you will get another ticket for participating!

On June 22nd at the picnic we will draw tickets for all participation prizes. Starting with the BIKE!

This is a Fundraiser to benefit our HEROES! Stay Tuned for the exact details of that to be announced!

Thank you for the awesome support and we do what we can to help our kids LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE!


Hoka Hey Riders sign ups- available now until July 1st 2024

A simple form with rider details and information about them that we will use to promote you and the event.

By joining our Monster team you will have access to our fundraising tools and be a part of a fun team!



Starring 8 yr old Gaven Quirarte.(now 9)

Gaven has DMD and in 2023 he wanted to see every Harley-Davidson Dealership in the state of Texas.  

He asked Mile Monsters Inc. to take him on the ride.

This film is Gaven's story of that ride with 5 Monsters.


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Monster Weekly Hunt

Here it is! The Hunt is on for weekly items.  Monthly Prizes and a Year end Champ will be crowned.  We may also have a few gag gifts along the way.  This is about our Heroes and the Battle they are in against DMD on a Daily Basis.

Thanks for joining in on the fun. We appreciate all you do!


6/2-6/9 Crosses

Go get some crosses - A church with a steeple and a cross on the door, only one can be used.

Hunt runs from Monday through Sunday.  All entries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday. 

New Weekly hunt will be released on Monday morning and the

Weekly winners will be announced on Monster Monday! 

This is for fun and to raise Awareness! Be a Monster Ambassador and win some fun stuff along the way 



I am Riot and I founded Mile Monsters Inc. in 2021 to help kids LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE!

This year i will be attempting something I have never done before.  Ride my scoot MyAmi 100,000 miles in one year.  

This has only been done by 25 of the world's best riders.  Why? That is simple.  

I want the world to know what DMD is and join me in helping our heroes live their best life.

I want the world to see that there are bikers out there willing to do the unthinkable to help them. 


The Monster Gump-

a 15 Day 15,000 Miles ride that is the same route that Forrest Gump ran in the movie Forrest Gump.

This is 5 trips across the country starting on May 11th in Alabama and concluding in Utah in Monument Valley.  

This Ride will Benefit our events and help to raise awareness against this deadly disease. 

The Monster K-  

June 21st where hundreds of Riders will be riding 1,000 mile to Lebanon Kansas. This is the Geographical cener of the US.

There we will be giving a Harley away and having a Family picnic on the 22nd.  

This ride is to benefit our heroes Alfie and Jack who live in Northern Ireland and come to the states to recieve treatments.

The Goat's 48-

On July 6th a team of Monsters will be taking our Hero Gaven who is from TX to all of the lower 48 states in 10 days!  

This ride comes on the heals of taking him to every Harley dealership in TX last year.  

Gaven's wish to us was to see every state in the lower 48 before he loses his ability to walk.  

This ride was added to an already crazy year because of that.   Gaven will benefit from this incredible ride.

The Famous HOKA HEY-

August 4th is the start of this 10,000+ ride from Daytona Florida that will take us into Key West before Heading to Home Alaska.  

The Finish line party is on Aug. 17th and I plan to be there.  2 years ago I crashed during this event and was lucky to have survived.  

This year I plan to arrive with my bike and my body in tact!.  This Ride will Benefit our Heroes Drew and Turbo.  

Both of these boys have lost their ability to walk and have many needs resulting in that.  

 I have decided to dedicate 2024 to helping our heroes like never before.  

What we do truly helps them LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE!

I thank you for the support and prayers this year.  

With out your help, none of this is possible and these boys are just statistics.

 Instead they are living life and doing things that they only dreamt of.  Cheers-


Mile Monsters Inc. 

final-logo-01 copy.JPEG


Inspired by the late James Red Cloud, Founder of the

Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

& A Memory Maker

Left and Right

 LEFT- Keeps Evil Away

RIGHT- Protects From Harm


-HONOR-Doing it Right


RESPECT, Earned & Given


COMPASSION,Caring for Heroes


-INTEGRITY- Honesty 

Mile Monsters Inc. SPONSORS




Custom Dynamics

Lighting the way for Mile Monsters Inc.

When competing and riding in general there is one thing that makes all the difference in the ride. That is being able to see and to be seen.  Custom Dynamics has taken lights to a level not dreamt of before.  They light your path up and let you see threats long before they become a danger.  This added view can be the difference between life and death.  Not only do they provide unbelievable lights they also have lights for the areas of the bike once hidden from a cars view.  Lights on the side of the fairing and brake lights that clearly let drivers know your intentions!  My biggest fear while riding is not seeing wild life at night and cars not seeing me. Custom Dynamics gives you the best available lights to conquer both of those fears. They are the official light of

Mile Monsters Inc. for a reason!

They are a life saving necessity!

Stubborngoat- Coffee

Fuel for Monsters

If you are looking for a great coffee look no further than Stubborn Goat!  This is the Fuel one needs to be a Monster and to get you through your day.  They have several choices and are sure to have something for you.  They even have a Limited edition custom blend named after us. MONSTER FUEL! We love it, but you better hurry soon that one as the next Limited run will be out soon.  Another great thing about this coffee is that all the proceeds go to help our little Gaven with therapy and treatments.  Win-Win

Everyone always ask me- How can you ride like you ride?  How can you sit that long? Doesn't your ass get sore? My answer is simple. WILD-ASS! I used to max out at 150 miles. it would get worse as the day went on.  That's before I was turned on to Wild-Ass.

Now I have no issue going tank to tank.  If you want to enjoy your ride then this is a must.

I tell everyone the same thing.

"there is a big difference between riding all day, and enjoying an all day ride."

That's what Wild-Ass does for you. 

Makes the ride enjoyable. 

When I met the Owner Craig he was all in on helping us to do what we do. 

If your ass gets sore and you cant stay in the saddle you need to give this a try. You will be amazed.  My tip to you is use very little air! less is more in this case.

Thank you Craig and Wild-ass

for saving our ass!

Wild-Ass Seat Toppers 

Legend Suspension leads the industry with top of the line products.

Their suspensions do so much more than make your ride comfortable. They alter the way the bike preforms.  The wobble you get while taking a corner will be a thing of the past.  Once you try a set you will never go back to anything else!

I can't say enough how much the difference makes.  The improved handling could save your life.  That alone is worth the money.  Not to mention the awesome ride you get. Trust me when I tell you that your entire body will thank you.  When you are in the market please reach out to them.  You will not be disappointed. 

If there is one thing I would put on my bike it would be a Legend Suspension.

Guaranteed for life and made right here in the good ole U.S. of A. 

Please support those who support us. 

Thank you to the entire team at Legend. Our life depends on what you do and we appreciate you!

Mile Monsters Inc.

Legend Suspensions



This is what we try to do at Mile Monsters Inc.
I was inspired to start this Nonprofit and continue to do what we do by the quote's author.
Thank you Ksolo.  You do indeed INSPIRE.


Contact Mile Monsters Inc.

220 Hockenbury Rd Hillsborough NJ 08844


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