Mile Monsters Inc.

Long Distance Endurance Riders for Charity

Mile Monsters Inc. is a Non Profit 501c3 which hopes to Inspire and Motivate people to join us.  We ride to make the world a better place.  Money raised goes to help children affected by disease, injuries and circumstances out of their control. The kids we help need a monster in their corner to help fight the battle with them.



Who We Are

Our Roots

It all started in 2018 when Jeff(Riot)Wyatt competed in the Hoka Hey Challenge for little Jamesy!
This was the beginning of competing in endurance challenges and other seemingly impossible events. Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.  The fight for Jamesy continues and we need more Heroes and Monsters to join us.
I'm not the Hero you wanted, I'm the Monster you needed. -RIOT-

riot 4 feb full Gray .JPG

Mile Monster Inc. Logo

Medicine Wheel

Inspired by the late James Red Cloud, The founder of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge & a Memory Maker


We Honor every child who has had to fight for their life. 
We do this one mile at a time!


We ride 4 Others!
We do this in the hope we can help kids heal and be well again.


Each Sunrise brings a new day and the opportunity to do the right thing.


We have much Respect for each sun set. We know that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Left and Right

The arrows represent our path. We can only continue to move forward. The left arrow wards off the evils of the road and the right arrow protects us from harm


it is our goal to inspire people and motivate them to make the world a better place. 
Life is Short -
Enjoy the Ride


Hopper's Quest for 100,000 Miles

100,000 Miles in 100 Days

Texas Native and fellow Hoka Hey Rider Chris Hopper has joined Mile Monsters Inc. to attempt what seems like an unimaginable task.  Complete a 100,000 mile ride around the country.  To do it in complete Monster fashion he set out to do this in 100 Days!  The ride is taking place right now and will continue into November.  All proceeds from this amazing ride will go to helping others. The ride is financed by Hop himself so all donations go directly to the cause.  I encourage everyone to share this story with any one they can.  The Previous record is 46,000 miles in 46 days.  Hop has a tracker on his bike with real time updates and we encourage people to go out and get a pic with him.  The sacrifices Hop is making to help raise money and awareness for a cause that he has no connection to is incredible.  He doesn't have to ride 4 others! But he does just that. He rides 4 others despite the risk!  Go Hop Go! 

Please visit our FB Group @ MILE MONSTERS INC. Updates and pics are posted daily.

On behalf of Hopper, Riot, Mile Monsters Inc. and all of the boys we are trying to help- We Thank You!



Past Events

Life is Short-Enjoy the Ride


Hoka Hey Challenge 2018 & 2020

 10,000+ Miles, No GPS, Paper Maps

Mile Monsters Inc. had one rider compete in 2018.  Jeff Wyatt(Riot) placed 5th out of 125 riders. 2020 we had 4 Monsters Compete in the Challenge. Riot tied for 4th Place with Hopper from TX, Jeff Chauncey(2-Fingers) and his Brother Travis Chauncey(T-Bone) came in 15-16 and  Ken Brooks was the 24th finisher.
Both events Mile Monsters Inc. was the Top Fundraiser. 
The Hoka Hey Challenge is one of the toughest rides on the planet. This is a 10,000 mile endurance ride which is completed in 10-14 days by the Elite riders. The route is secondary roads and the riders must sleep next to their motorcycles(Hoka Hey style). No Hotels!


Race Against Time 2019

48 States in 8 Days- 8,463 Miles

Mile Monster Inc's very own Jeff Wyatt(Riot) Completed in a 48 State endurance Race Against Time. It was completed in 7 Days 17 Hours 45 Minutes. This Race is designed to be done in 10 Days but to push all limits we set out to do it in 8 days to help raise awareness in our fight.  Again Riot had to endure the weather and sleeping next to his motorcycle.  We refer to this as Hoka Hey Style. Riders have to find a place to sleep that is Available, Dry and Safe. This adds tremendous pressure to the riders who compete.


Coast to Coast 2020

Akicita Rides-16,000+ miles

At Mile Monsters Inc., we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts and raising the bar. After being awarded Akicita following the 2020 Hoka Hey Challenge, (this award was for being the top fundraiser) We set out to show Akicita the country. In just 6 weeks we hit 40 states! On the Coast to Coast ride we also hit the Great Lakes and both the Canadian and Mexican Borders. 
During this ride we raised both money and awareness to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

IMG_0720 2.PNG

Memorial Monster 2021

Coney Island to The Golden Gate Bridge

Riot and Fellow Boozefighter Blindside set out on May 31st at 3 am to ride from Coney Island NY to the Golden Gate Bridge in California. The goal was to do this in 48 hours.  Despite some engine trouble, Hot temps and getting pulled over we did manage to make the journey in 46 Hours and 46 Minutes! To top off this incredible ride we also raised $10,000 which we donated to Jar of Hope to help continue the fight against Duchenne.


Legend Suspensions


Legend Suspension leads the industry with top of the line products.

Their suspensions do so much more than make your ride comfortable. They alter the way the bike preforms.  The wobble you get while taking a corner will be a thing of the past.  Once you try a set you will never go back to anything else!

I can't say enough how much the difference makes.  The improved handling could save your life.  That alone is worth the money.  Not to mention the awesome ride you get. Trust me when I tell you that your entire body will thank you.  When you are in the market please reach out to them.  You will not be disappointed.  If there is one thing I would put on my bike it would be a Legend Suspension.

Guaranteed for life and made right here in the good ole U.S. of A. 

Please support those who support us. 

Thank you Jesse and your team for helping us to help others.

Wild-Ass Seat


Everyone always ask me- How can you ride like you ride?  How can you sit that long? Doesn't your ass get sore? My answer is simple. WILD-ASS! I used to max out at 150 miles. it would get worse as the day went on.  That's before I was turned on to Wild-Ass. Now I have no issue going tank to tank.  If you want to enjoy your ride then this is a must.
I tell everyone the same thing."there is a big difference between riding all day, and enjoying an all day ride." That's what Wild-Ass does for you.  Makes the ride enjoyable. 
When I met the Owner Craig he was all in on helping us to do what we do.  If your ass gets sore and you cant stay in the saddle you need to give this a try. You will be amazed.  My tip to you is use very little air! less is more in this case.
Thank you Craig and Wild-ass for saving our ass!

Be the next Sponsor-


Help us Help Others

If you have a product that you think will help us do what we do. Please reach out- If you do indeed have a product that helps us, it will be included here and promoted to our supporters and featured in videos.

The owners of these companies share the same values as we do. They appreciate the level of our commitment to inspire and motivate those around us.

-Thank You-



This is what we try to do at Mile Monsters Inc.

I was inspired to start this non profit and continue to do what we do by the quote's author.

Thank you Ksolo.  You do indeed INSPIRE.



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