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Look goes Look with an amazing attempt at 366 consecutive days of riding his scoot! That's everyday of 2024


While at 1st thought you might be thinking oh that's nice. Look gets to ride his motorcycle.   Imagine if you will doing something everyday. Everyday for a year. Even if it is your favorite thing to do, could you do it for a year straight? regardless of the weather, How you feel, What your plans are, Holidays, Birthdays or whatever life throws at you.  Now imagine doing that for someone else! Thats what Look is out doing right now.  Riding his motorcycle every day to raise both money and the much needed awareness in the fight against DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY.  

Please support this EPIC campaign that will last until 2025!

Thank You for Supporting the LOKO-Motion!



Here is a live link that is not for any one campaign. It is for the people who see the value in what we do and want to help us. Mile Monsters Inc. is working year round directly with these boys to help them LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE! Sometimes that's buying huge things like a Van. Other times it's riding or driving across the country to be with these kids when they need a Monster in their corner. Every kid is different and every kid has different needs. We have come to know these boys and love them like family. It breaks our heart to watch them as a disease as ruthless as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy tries its best to beat them down. We couldn't do what we do without you and your support. Please know how much we appreciate you and the fact that you will donate your hard earned money to help us. These boys are worth every penny, every minute and every mile we can give them. Thanks for thinking of us. -RIOT- Mile Monsters Inc.

Notice Gaven Sleeping while on a ride with Hopper.
This was after Monster Day 2.0 at Gaven's School.
Also look at Hop's Bike! Still covered in the Blue painters tape that Gaven did as a joke after the 2022 HOKA HEY!

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